About Bali and Us

Welcome to the Reunion Club Website

Bali is the island where I was born. My village is Negara, Western Bali is about 3 hours from our Reunion Club in Kuta. Bali is a beautiful island and is sometimes referred to as the Island of the Gods.

When you come to Bali I would love you to visit not only our Reunion Club but some of the wonderful sites on the island.

A brief History of Bali

Although there are no artifacts or records dating back to the Stone Age, it is believed that the first settlers in Bali migrated from China around 2,500 BC, and by the Bronze era, around 300 BC, quite an evolved culture existed in Bali. The complex system of irrigation and rice production, still in use today, was established around this time.

History is vague for the first few centuries. A number of Hindu artifacts were been found dating back to the 1st century (AD), which suggests that the main religion, around 500 AD, was predominantly Buddhist.

It wasn't until the 11th century that Bali received the first strong influx of Hindu and Javanese cultures. With the death of his father around AD 1,011, Airlanggha, a Balinese prince, moved to east Java and set about creating unity. Having succeeded, he then appointed his brother, Anak Wungsu, as ruler of Bali. During the ensuing period there was a reciprocation of political and artistic ideas, and the old Javanese language, Kawi, became the language used by the aristocracy.

With the death of Airlanggha, in the middle of the 11th century, Bali enjoyed a period of autonomy. This proved to be short lived as in 1284, the East Javanese king Kertanegara, conquered Bali and ruled over it from Java. In 1292, Kertanegara was murdered and Bali took the opportunity to liberate itself once again. However, in 1343, Bali was brought back under Javanese control by its defeat at the hands of Gajah Mada , a general in the Majapahit, the last of the great Hindu-Javanese empires.

With the arrival of Islam in neighboring Java during the 15th century, a large number of courtiers, artists, musicians and craftsmen fled to Bali. As such, the Balinese have always been creative.

With the spread of Islam throughout Sumatra and Java during the 16th century, the Majapahit empire began to collapse and a large exodus of the aristocracy, priest, artists, and artisans fled to Bali. For a while Bali flourished and the following centuries were considered the Golden Age of Bali's cultural history. The principality of Gelgel, near Klungkung, became a major canter for the Arts, and Bali became the major power of the region, taking control of the neighboring island of Lombok and parts of East Java.

What We Offer

  • 1

    Icy cold beer

    If it was any colder it would be frozen
  • 2

    Friendly Staff and me!

    Whether its a gold beer, cocktail, shooter or information about where to go or what to eat. Our staff are here to help.
  • 3

    Don't forget the Karaoke

    You don't need to be the next Idol or have appeared on X-Factor enjoy the fun and sing alone with the crowd or as a solo.
  • 4

    Need somewhere to Stay?

    Why not visit "Real Bali" I can drive you anywhere on the Island and there are many beautiful places to stay

Our Team

They Call me Bruce

Yup I'm the boss, well at least that's what I tell the wife. Others call me a lot of things including "Bruce" but I'm not Chinese I'm Balinese!

Niki - The Kite Lady

When I'm not at the Bar, very hard to get a day off when working for Bruce hehe, you will find me at the beach with my husband "Happy". We make specialty kites so if you would like to buy one just ask.

Daniel - The Restaurenter

If I'm not here at the bar, you will find me at my Restaurant just up the road. No Karaoke sorry just really good fusion food at a local price. Click Here But don't tell Bruce as he is always trying to get a free feed.

Jocko - All Things Mobile

Need a sim card for your phone whilst in Bali? Come see me and we will orginise one for you whilst you try one of our ice cold beers or pehaps a cocktail and don't forget the shooters.

Made - The Gardener

Made has returned from his recent adventures in Japan where he worked for many years as a Gardener, he actually speaks a few words of Japanese as well as beening a very cool Bartender.

Jimmy - The Joker

All the good people come from Lombok Jimmy will tell you as he serves you that icy cold beer. So you're obviously not from there, are you Jimmy? is my usual response to him.

Ariick - The Java Connection

The beauty in a sea of men (oh there's Nikki too) Ariick is the latest addition to our team and comes all the way from Java. If you need a backing singer for your Karaoke just ask.

Steve - The Aussie Web Designer

Bruce is my friend and a great mate. One day it is my dream to retire in Bali.