Our Gallery

  • It could quite easily have been fancy dress but this is the genuine article. Some of the boys from a cruise ship living it up at the Bar
  • As you can see I'm not the only pretty face that you will see at the bar. Drop past for an icy cold Bintang and I will give you a cuddle too.
  • It was a special day for the staff... We gave them the good news that they would no longer have to pay us for the privilage of working in such a cool bar.... might discuss wages next month
  • Another great night at the bar and not much room left. All these people were strangers before they arrived which proves that the Reunion Club is a place where friends meet and new friends are made.
  • This image came with a bunch of stock photos and it looked pretty good so we kept it. If its you let me know and then I can put a name to the face...
  • Did you know the Reunion Club keeps records on the best drinkers? Yup if you can man or girl up and beat one of the records you see on our walls, not only will we give you a tee shirt but we will display your name and record for all to see.
  • We don't just serve drinks and sing Karaoke the staff will join in with your group, dominate the conversation and drink all your drinks.... you know I'm joking don't you
  • Poor girl, Bruce was just explaining to her the Balinese courtship ritual and because she had arrived at the bar on an auspicious day it was only right that they..... well you know
  • We are always looking for fools, sorry patrons, who are talented, beautiful and photogenic but we can never find anyone. So if YOU want to be the next mug here see Bruce and he will arrange it